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  • Q: Can I get the screening free on the NHS?
  • No.  the NHS does not normally offer comprehensive screening with a detailed written report, unless your GP requests a test when you display symptoms.
  • Q: Who are Bluecrest?
  • Bluecrest are a major private clinical provider of health screening.  We run over 2000 community clinics across the country using state of the art mobile screening equipment.  Our pathology team are clinically accredited to ISO15189 and independently audited by CPA (Clinical Pathology Accreditation).
    The Care Quality Commission monitor us.  To see their latest inspection report please click here –
  • Q: Why don’t you carry out these screenings at a hospital?
  • A:  Bluecrest has the very latest mobile screening equipment which it uses at its network of over 2000 venues across the UK and Ireland.The venues have been chosen based on location, accessibility, and that they also adhere to our venue guidelines for maximum comfort for all our customers.
    You are always assured of a private consulting room staffed by a friendly health screening specialist. By using a network of third party venues we can offer screening that are local to our customers as well as ease of parking and travel.
    We can also keep the cost of our screenings down, saving which we pass on to our customers offering high quality screening at significantly lower prices than other providers.
  • Q: Can I get a screening through a private hospital?
  • A: Yes.  We encourage you to compare the content and quality of our screenings with BUPA and Nuffield.  Our screening packages start at as little as £99.To give an example for comparison our vital package costs £129*
    A comparable package at Nuffield would be their 360 Health assessment at £547*
    A comparable package at BUPA would be their BUPA Focus at £439*
    (*prices correct at time of checking, May 2017)
  • Q: How am I told about my results?
  • A: Specialists will look at your ECG trace, your blood analysis and other data acquired at your screening clinic.  Within 21 Days you will receive a 16-page report containing results of up to 60 different readings, including heart condition, stroke risk, lung, kidney and liver function, general health markers, peripheral arterial disease and more.  We present the report using clear and easy to read English steering away from medical jargon although there is a section at the back of the report which you may wish to share with your GP.
  • Q: What happens if there is something to worry about?
  • A:  If there are any urgent issues revealed by the tests we will phone you immediately.
  • Q: How long does the screening take?
  • A: Please allow for up to 30 minutes.  There are no invasive procedure and you remain fully clothed throughout the session, other than being asked to remove your shoes and socks.  We will need to take a small blood sample.
  • Q: Can I eat before attending the screening?
  • A: You can continue to eat and drink normally before your screening takes place.  Full preparation instructions will be provided in writing when you book your appointment.
  • Q: I can’t make the appointment you have reserved for me, what shall I do?
  • Please contact us as soon as possible.  You can call 0800 652 2173.  We will be able to reorganise your appointment to another day that may be more convenient.  If you are unable to attend at all, please let us know at your earliest convenience so that we may allocate your appointment to another customer.
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