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Welcome to Bluecrest

Are you ready to take care of your health?

At Bluecrest Health Screening your wellbeing comes first and we understand our customers know the importance of looking after themselves.

If you are at risk of becoming unwell we believe you should be the first to know. A health check can give you peace of mind and empower you with the knowledge about your current health status.

Bluecrest has state of the art mobile screening equipment and run mobile clinics across the UK and Ireland at over 2000 locations.  As a leading provider of private health assessments Bluecrest Health Screening has one of the largest networks of clinic locations in the UK meaning you will never have to travel too far to one of our screening days.

Our directory offers further details of all our clinic venues please search below to find the one local and most convenient to you.

    Your screening will take place in a comfortable and private consultation room where one of our clinicians will provide you with a relaxed, friendly, and painless service.

    Your samples are analysed by our laboratory which holds Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) and meets international ISO standards.  As part of its CPA status, our laboratory is required to undergo continual auditing to ensure clinical accuracy and quality.

    Your tests can produce 60 different readings covering heart health, stroke risk, liver, kidney, and lung functions as well as general health markers.  We are also able to test for certain types of cancers if you wish.

    We aim to send your personal health report within 21 days which will arrive through the post.  The report is written in plain and clear English without excessive medical jargon, however we do include a summary at the back of your report which you can share with your doctor.

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